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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Opened the magazine's WIKI at Wikia

Hello everybody!  We now have a wiki where everybody can contribute, correct, explain better or just follow the latest or earliest expired patents explained as clearly as possible.
Or just google for Expired Patents Wikia

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcome aboard

This site has very short entries, so click the August and see all the entries together.

Expired Patents blogspot asks you to join, write, and give advice even about the website itself.
We are looking to create an online magazine, and currently the blog is serving as the media.

Welcome aboard, see you there,
Moshe Flam aka Pashute

Invitation: Tell me what expired patent you want

Tell me a field that interests you, and I promise to look up an interesting patent and explain it.

You are also welcome to send me your explanations and images, and I'll gladly put them up here and quote you with it. I'm looking for extra people who will be willing to assist me with editing this magazine. Currently there's no pay, but when we do start printing, you will be on the staff with an equal part.

Last but not least, if any of you know where there is a site for creating a magazine, or how to allow more editors to a single blog on blogspot, please tell me.

Thanks, and happy new (lunar) year,
Moshe Flam aka Pashute.

Epired Patent - Car Sunscreen Window

This expired patent from is quite simple and straightforward:

Have your car window open and close along with a sunscreen as desired. 

Fords new car  (Gizmo Mag) see link
First, take a look at Gizmo mag and see what Ford seem to be doing (That's the picture on the left)
 The sunscreen in this expired invention,  is a sheet of darkened plastic, wound up with a spring under the window opening of the car.

  • When you open the window, press the Sunscreen button to On, and the window comes up with the sun-screen attached.
  • Press the Sunscreen button to Off, and the next time you raise the window, it comes up without the sun-screen. 

A "stream" of magnet pairs attach the sunscreen to the window sides, by "pinching" the sunscreen to the window releasing pairs of magnets, as the window is raised. The magnets are on a string so they cannot be "lost".

When lowering the window the magnet pairs are collected separately  by pulling in the chord connecting them.

If the sun screen button is off, a contraption catches the sunscreen in place, so that only the window goes up.

That's basically it.
That's all folks. Ingenious!

Electric tooth brush

 From Herzog's expired patent found at website. (A spelling mistake in the original blog caused me to find also

An electric toothbrush simple mechanism patent

Has a main shaft that does two things:
a. Turns a "brush shaft" that causes the brush to "roll" sideways and back and forth.
b. Pushes a pin that causes the brush to rock sideways and up and down.

If your not afraid of a heart attack, here's a preview of what the original looked like: 

From Latent Patents website

If you want to see this patent in action see here:

How it started

Jutta the bakesperson (from the web)
10 years ago, Jutta,    the bakesperson from Halfbakery said she would love to see a magazine explaining old expired patents in easy words. I promised to help, but we never did anything. So here goes...