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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Epired Patent - Car Sunscreen Window

This expired patent from is quite simple and straightforward:

Have your car window open and close along with a sunscreen as desired. 

Fords new car  (Gizmo Mag) see link
First, take a look at Gizmo mag and see what Ford seem to be doing (That's the picture on the left)
 The sunscreen in this expired invention,  is a sheet of darkened plastic, wound up with a spring under the window opening of the car.

  • When you open the window, press the Sunscreen button to On, and the window comes up with the sun-screen attached.
  • Press the Sunscreen button to Off, and the next time you raise the window, it comes up without the sun-screen. 

A "stream" of magnet pairs attach the sunscreen to the window sides, by "pinching" the sunscreen to the window releasing pairs of magnets, as the window is raised. The magnets are on a string so they cannot be "lost".

When lowering the window the magnet pairs are collected separately  by pulling in the chord connecting them.

If the sun screen button is off, a contraption catches the sunscreen in place, so that only the window goes up.

That's basically it.
That's all folks. Ingenious!

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