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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Invitation: Tell me what expired patent you want

Tell me a field that interests you, and I promise to look up an interesting patent and explain it.

You are also welcome to send me your explanations and images, and I'll gladly put them up here and quote you with it. I'm looking for extra people who will be willing to assist me with editing this magazine. Currently there's no pay, but when we do start printing, you will be on the staff with an equal part.

Last but not least, if any of you know where there is a site for creating a magazine, or how to allow more editors to a single blog on blogspot, please tell me.

Thanks, and happy new (lunar) year,
Moshe Flam aka Pashute.


  1. On halfbakery, spacecoyote wrote that a wiki would be better. So if you know of a good looking Wiki (best if its wysiwyg) with backgrounds and widgets like blogspot, please tell me.


  3. Pashute,

    Don't give up! It is great idea and we can make it work. Please, send me your feedback on your future intention.